Rolox is an online universal gaming platform which is created for users to develop their games and to also enjoy the games programmed by other users. On Roblox, users program games using diverse genres coded in a special “programming language Lua”.

The platform provides free games to users while equipment, cosmetics, game passes and other items are purchased using a virtual currency referred to as “Robux”. Robux is purchased with generally accepted currencies through different gift cards such as Amazon and many more.


Signing up on Roblox is a pretty easy task that takes no time at all. If you want to sign up, go to Official Roblox site: . At the top right corner of its dashboard is a sign-up column placed beside the search indicator.

Click on the sign up button; and on the next page of sign up, your personal details will be asked such as your birthday details, your username (you are advised not to use your real name as username) and password, you will be asked to choose your gender and after all these steps, you will be asked to verify within a short period of time; and there you have it: your new Roblox account.


After you have created Roblox account on their official website , you can then go ahead and sign in anytime you want to, by visiting their website. On Roblox sign in page, you will be asked to provide your username or email or phone number you used to sign up; below the column is a password column which you will be asked to fill with the password that matches the username you input.  With the right detail input, you can then click on “log in”


Creating a new account while you already have an account is as well possible. You just have to go to Roblox website, click on sign up and then enter the details required; your new account is set up within minutes.


As you well know that games in Roblox can be played without using Robux, you should also know that in order to stand out among many other avatars, you have to upgrade your avatar by buying awesome cosmetics, items and even unlocking higher levels in game. This can only be acquired using Robux.

Robux can be purchased through Roblox official store with original currencies and your items or cosmetics can be traded in order to get Robux. But for those who want free Robux, this is quite achievable through Robux generator. This is a bit rear but it can be gotten from various sites. Be reminded that you should not give away your log in details to any trader especially your password.


All your activities are carried out on Roblox catalog, your username is plainly displayed at the top side of the dashboard; above your name is a column which contains: games, avatar shop, create and Robux. Whenever you want to play or search a certain game, you can click on “game”, you can as well check the list of games you are currently playing.

The avatar shop is where you build your avatar; with sufficient robux, you can purchase different items and cosmetics for your avatar. There is “create” where you can design your games as well as the avatar. In the Robux column, you purchase robux there.

At the top right angle of the dashboard are settings, amount of robux possessed and the search column. And below the dashboard, there are few lists concerning the sites, jobs, blog, parents, gift card, help, terms and privacy. The language choice can as well be selected at the base of the dashboard.


These are characters built with different unique features. These characters are built and selected in accordance with the kind of adventures and actions they will encounter during the game. Varieties of collectibles and items are attached with redeemable codes, these items are therefore used to brace up and equip these characters.


This is the sole soldier of Roblox users. The avatar is built by the user into any character one wishes to get for oneself. Avatar cannot be changed; it can only be upgraded with varieties of items and cosmetics. These items are purchased by Robux. One’s avatar must be outstanding both in its dressing and as well as the ability it possesses. This helps a lot in completing games easily and also attracts more buyers to those who are authorized to sell their avatar kits and cosmetics.


The gears get in handy when they are needed. There are various kinds of gear ranging from the kind of task the avatar wants to perform. The list of few Roblox gear codes are:


Items                                                 code

Paint Bucket                                 18474459

Mad Morning Star                       170902990


Items                                                    codes

Fuse Bomb                                        11563251

Spikesplosion                                     7388479

Blank Hole Bomb                             28277486

Paint Grenade                                  172246820


Items                                                    codes

The Necrosapien Staff                             64647651

Bombo’s Survival Knife                             121946387

Amethyst Periastron Kappa                       93136802



Items                                                    codes

Korblox Evil Eye                                               59806354

Seranok’s Rocket Jumper                             169602103

Explosive Super Glider                                   92142950


Avatar clothes are quite easy to make whether it is shirts or pants. Having a vast knowledge of how to design these clothes may earn one big reward. These clothes can be used to build ones avatar and at the same time, it can be sold to other users to get Robux. To design a T-shirt, create an image of about 128 x 128 pixels and then upload it. The process of uploading is a bit tedious but easy. The procedures are as follow:

  1. The first step is to save the template file using 8bit alpha channels for the sake of transparent regions. 
  2. Then open Roblox official website, on your dashboard, click on “create”
  3. Select the appropriate cloth design you want to make on the left column.
  4. In the window space, select your template file by clicking on “choose file”
  5. You can then go ahead and name your item
  6. After all these, you can then click on “upload”. Once Roblox endorses the cloth design, then you can use it to brace your avatar or offer it up for sale.

These procedures are also applicable to pants designs and other clothing designs. Here are some of the free Roblox clothes codes.

Items                                            Codes

Have a Leaf                                406946077

Golden Flag                                1100622619

Money Bag                                 1089749941


Hats are part of the unique body cosmetics for an avatar; it makes avatar to be more stylish with elegant composure. Some of these hats and their codes are listed below:

Items                                            Codes

§  Noob Attack: Amerilaser Ambush        419752586

§  Purple Sleepy Koala                            439942851

§  Scary Bear-y                                     1103002020

§  Eyeball Boppers                                 1102994775

§  Voltron Head                                      427949022

§  Classic Roblox Fedora                         1158038


In order to give an avatar a modish style and to stand out unparalleled to other users’ avatar, hairstyle is the just the right body upgrade needed. With moderate kind of hairstyle, the sense of attraction tends to me more prolific during game play and this may as well entices other users. These are some of the hair codes:

Items                                Codes

§  Equinox                             19327469

§  Father Time                       15913848

§  Head Wound                      30380659

§  Cinnamon Hair                   13745548

§  Bozo the Clown                  154669944

§  Flaming Mohawk                191101707

§  Long Pastel Hair                 727320877

§  Blonde Action Ponytail        398673196


DanTDM are avatar special clothes builders. They create different kinds of clothes designs soothing different characters one wishes to use. Their products are cheap; they are always available to hire creatives who are outstanding in clothes designs as bargained by the customers. Some of the DanTDM clothes products are awesome jean clothes, hoodie jackets, various colored Halloween cloth designs; they further create diverse armored suits such as ninja armor, assassins’ designs and lots more.


Headphones are other cool cosmetics which can be bought as well as won as a reward of completing a game. Some are recovered as collectibles with is attached with a redeemable code. Gnarly Triangle Headphones are quite outstanding and worth considering if one wishes to equip one’s avatar with a piece of headphones. Its stylish color combination is one of the top attributes users find pleasing and attractive about the item. The redeem code for the item is; “SMYTHSHEADPHONES2020”. The code can be redeemed on Roblox official website.


The Mystery Gift Code gives Pokémon as a reward. This Pokémon unlocks special abilities as well as unique equipment. The Pokémon code can be redeemed using the Mystery Gift code; and it is a one-time use.  The following are the Pokémon codes:

Pokémon                           Name                    Code

§  Eelektrik                              Zap                     Electrified

§  Gastly                                Spirit                  EvilSpirit

§  Zangoose                         Cup Of Water         StayHydrated

§  Chinchou                             Angler         JustKeepingSwimming

§  Piplup                                PengwinXD           PengwinXD

§  Entei                                   Dasher                 Dasher   

§  Aerodactyl                        Aerodactyl            AeroDynmic

§  Meowth                                Inky                      Inky

§  Lastias                                 Lassie                   Lassie


These are codes which are redeemed to enhance avatar looks and also boost its ability. The promo codes come with different collectibles; these collectibles are then applied to the avatar in order to make it stronger, powerful and prolific in his actions. The codes can be redeemed on Roblox official website and this immediately adds up to the appropriate inventory the collectible belongs to. The following are the list of promo codes:


              Code -   Items

  • DIY- Kinetic Staff
  • SettingTheStage- build it Backpack
  • StrikeAPose- Hustle Hat
  • GetMoving- Speedy Shades
  • VictoryLap- Cardio Cans
  • TWEET2MIL- Socialsaurus Flex Hat
  • TWEETROBLOX- The Bird Says Pet (Shoulder)
  • SPIDERCOLA- Spider Cola Pet (Shoulder)
  • SMYTHSHEADPHONES2020- Gnarly Triangle Headphones (Hat)
  • JOURCLUBHEADPHONES2020- Black Prince Succulent (Hat)
  • TOYRUHEADPHONES2020- Teal Techno Rabbit (Hat)
  • 100YEARSOFNFL- Golden Football (Gear)
  • FLOATINGFAVORITE- Hyper HoverHeart
  • THISFLEWUP- Shutter Flyer
  • FASHIONFOX- Highlights Hood

Meanwhile, redeeming Promo codes is way easier and straightforward; all you have to do is visit Roblox official website; Go to Roblox redemption page, then you have to input your log in details, enter your code into the right directory and click on the redeem button. The item redeemed will automatically be added to the appropriate inventory.


Robux is known as the premium currency spent within the game platform. The most popular way of getting Robux is by buying it with real currencies in Roblox official stores. However, there are also some unique ways of accumulating Robux without necessarily buying them with real currencies.  The first easy and legal way to get Robux is through affiliate programs.

When more purchase is made on the particular item you share using your referral link, the reward goes to you. The more purchase that is made through your link, the more reward (Robux) you get. Your referral link will be given to you once you click on the product you want to advertise; after your affiliate link has been generated, you can then go ahead and share it. Another fast and smooth way of getting Robux is through awesome game creation. If you create a game that hits, every single user that registers for your game will automatically yield a reward to you (the creator).

If you wish to enlarge your source of robux income, you can then go ahead and add game passes to your game. Game passes are like gifts of items given to users when they are about to advance to newer level. The content of the gift is determined by you and you can adjust the price of the game pass in accordance with the premium of the content of the gift. Promoting your game is another thing that matters, more users playing your games directly means more sales and income for you.


Creating games on Roblox is a bit easy and straightforward, depending on the complexity of your game and how creative you are. You can either make a game public or private for users to play.

Roblox has created sufficient tools needed to build a game from the scratch even if you do not have any knowledge about coding. It is self-explanatory and the guides provided by the website is quite handful.  In creating a new game, go to the website’s dashboard, after you are already logged in, click on the create button at the top side of the dashboard. This is just the beginning of the entire process. After you’ve been taken to the next page, click “games” and further click “Create New Game”.

The details of your new game will be decided by you, you will then choose the settings and templates that suit your new game. Then click on “Create Game”. After this, you will be redirected back to the initial page and after that, the good new comes, you can then make your game public for other users to play. Be mindful that, if your game is not yet ready, or if it is still under construction, you should not make it public yet, you have to build it to its ideal level before making it a public game.


Ads are really useful when creating awareness. To get more users play your game, buy your cosmetics or if you want your product to be outstanding and competitive, then your ads need to be perfect at gaining Robloxians’ attentions.

The first thing to do in order to create ads is to create a group; one of the group members must have been granted permission to advertise the group. To commence the ads processes, you will click on “advertise group” button on the group’s page. From there you can then select the template you want to use to make the advert. Three options are plainly highlighted for you to choose any of them.

Each of them has a template you can download in order to make the ads. After selecting the template, you can go ahead and make attractive design using any creative software you prefer. After that, you can then save it on your computer and go back to the Roblox website: “Create A User Ad”, on this page, click on “Choose file”, then browse the saved file you already design and saved on your computer and then click the “upload” button.  This is yet the final step, the ads created will be thoroughly checked by teams of moderators and once it is approved, you are good to go.


Roblox is a kind of gaming platform that do not support third party influence. It is fully secured to the extent that it cannot, for any reason, accommodate virus or malware. It doesn’t authorize any intrusion from other websites; even if hackers try to patch a malware or virus into the website, it is fully prepared to reject such encounters.


Although Roblox is termed to be an online game, it is not necessary for you to download the games as they can be played on Roblox Official Website without any restrictions, so far you have an account on Roblox already.


This is an official group created for the Robloxians. This is called Roblox Twitch Channel. The channel discusses best games on the platform and also integrates users with their likely encounters they may come across on various games. Twitch TV also offers free collectible codes and also gives out items for free; this is exclusively fan based.  The TV also promotes games such as “The Next Level” and many others.


Redeeming a Roblox gift card can be done using different websites separated from Roblox official website itself. In order to redeem this card, one must first secure a valid Roblox Gift Card Generator. This will then be used to generate Roblox gift card codes which will be used on Roblox official website. On some of these websites, both used and new roblox codes can be generated easily.

After you’ve secured a valid gift card code, you can then log into the account you had redeemed your gift card. You can either launch this through membership purchase page or Robux purchase page. You then have the freedom to select any accessories you wish to purchase. Depending on your mode of payment, you will then select Roblox Credit as the mode of payment and then proceed.

After you have completed all the procedures (you can recheck), you can now submit your order. Note that if you’ve already redeemed your card, there is no need to input the pin anymore. A confirmation message will be sent to you shortly after you’ve completed the order, but if the purchase was not successful, maybe through insufficient credit, you may not receive the order.


After you’ve made your purchase, you can convert the remaining credit into Robux. This is possible if the remaining credit is below $5. The first step to take is to log in to your Roblox account on Roblox official website, on the top right corner of the page, click on the gear and surf through your settings page. There you will see a “Billing tab”, click on “convert to Robux” and a confirmation message will pop up shortly after the process; and then click “Redeem” to complete the process.    


Free robux can be gotten from different websites. Some go into partnership with Roblox community while some websites take advantage and exploit their chances in Roblox websiteby hacking sources of Robux, even during the game.

Once the chance is open, they hack their way into getting massive free Robux thereby giving it out to users, without human verification and no survey. As you already know, Robux is the key to getting various items you want to build your avatar with; this makes the game easier to play and enjoyable.

In some websites that offer hacked free Robux without survey or human verification, you will be asked to input some of these: your username, Gmail( which will be used to receive confirmation), your account region, the volume of Robux you want, the kind of membership you want with the site (few options will be given to you), and how long you want to be in membership with them (monthly based). After all these, you will be given the chance to generate your Robux.


Being a Robloxian comes with a lot of enjoyments. Playing different kinds of games built by other users and having to create games for other users to play are pleasures Roblox gives to users. But do you know that, Roblox can also be used as a platform for generating steady flow of income? Being creative is a special aspect of human attributes, and this is what earns you lots of money on Roblox within the market.

Customizing clothes for different kind of avatar goes a long way in earning you money; the key to this is being creative. The most effective and efficient way to earn money is to make creative games; selling game passes and further exploring the greater opportunity by joining Roblox Premium. Roblox premium is an advance membership in Robloxian community. This replaces the traditional builders club. Being a member of Roblox premium gives users further edge over making money efficiently.

Premium users enjoy monthly Robux allowance, 10% Robux purchase bonus, in trading, they receive higher amount of Robux on each product they offer for sale, some of the products are: shirts, pants, limiteds and plugins. In premium, some games may offer advantages to premium players such as exclusive collectibles or free access to some locations; at the same wise, some items are discount-added for premium users, this helps to save a lot of money and Robux.